Let's B Safe
A Safer World One Child At A Time
Let's B Safe Community Involvement
Working together, we can reach thousands of children with a message that works!

Step 1:  Order LET'S B SAFE by Brenda Zofrea at www.amazon.com/dp/1493592262 or

Order GOD HAS A PLAN FOR YOU AND ME! by Brenda Zofrea at www.amazon.com/dp/1490966412

Step 2:  Schedule a time to read to children 3-10 yrs. Don't forget to use the Review Guide in the back of the book!

Step 3:  Complete the Community Outreach Form. right Where Can You Volunteer to Read?

Volunteer to read at elementary schools, shelters, Boys & Girls Clubs, libraries, youth sports programs, Scout meetings, childcare centers, YMCA, PAL, places of worship/church groups, parks & recreation programs, afterschool programs, pre-schools, pediatric wards, mom's groups, etc. Community Outreach page

"Look for an officer
Dressed in black or blue
With a badge and a gun
He will surely help you!"

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Your information is being collected for the sole purpose of reporting back to you or your organization the number of children you have reached. Your information is not sold or shared with third parties.